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Don’t get fined! California Diesel Compliance offers professional, certified and insured service with over 20 years of experience in medium to heavy duty diesel trucks. We will manage your records and let you know when it’s time to schedule your tests so you don’t have to think about it. Our statewide presence allows us to guarantee competitive pricing regardless of your company’s California footprint. Because we are mobile, we can service your fleet at anytime including nights and weekends at no additional cost to you.

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Statewide Mobile Smoke Opacity Testing

  • 24/7 Mobile On-Site testing is done when and where you specify to eliminate truck downtime.
  • Proactive Annual Service--we contact you when it’s time for your next test, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Electronic Record Management allows us to specialize in servicing multiple terminal fleets, and fleets that move throughout the state.
  • Electronic Record Management allows you to track your statewide compliance activity at a glance!
  • We manage your records and keep them backed up for security, so that they are always available for you to pass an audit.
  • ​Our testers are Professional, Certified, and Insured

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Opacity Testing

PSIP: Why Comply?

The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program is for all heavy duty diesel powered vehicles that are over 14000 GVWR with an engine year at least 4 years old, as well as all 1998 and older trucks, of at least 6000 GVWR.

The California Air Resource Board requires that each qualifying, on-road diesel engine in your fleet participate in the PSIP (Periodic Smoke Inspection Program) by conducting annual smoke opacity test and repair those with excessive smoke emissions to ensure compliance and maintain at least two years of smoke test records.

The ARB randomly audits fleets, maintenance, and inspection records. The state of California is serious about clean air and their enforcement division has grown considerably over the last year. Stiff fines for non-compliance are issued monthly.