• Statewide Mobile Testing

  • 24/7 Service To Reduce Vehicle Downtime

  • Weekends Available

  • Proprietary hands-on cleaning system to guarantee the best results

The DPF Shop provides free pickup and delivery, and in most cases a 24-hour turnaround. Service is provided by appointment or on a regularly-scheduled

maintenance program that fits your needs.

Statewide Mobile Smoke Opacity Testing

a California Diesel Compliance company

Proprietary 3-Stage Cleaning​

DPF Cleaning Equipment​


Smoke Opacity Testing​

  • Flow Machine, 660 CFM
  • By The Gram Scales
  • Compliance Updates
  • Vehicle Registration & Labeling​

CONTACT US (866) 519.2850

  • Pick up & Delivery

  • 24 Hour Turnaround Time

  • On Site Cleaning

  • Large Cleaning Machine Fits Any Filter
  • Exclusive Patent Pending Vibration Machine
  • Compliance Updates
  • Annual record Keeping
  • CARB Audits
  • Electronic Record Management For Easy Audit

  • Annual Smoke Test Scheduling and Coordination


DPF Filter Cleaning Starting at $185 

Statewide. Certified. Insured