Introducing Stage 3 Cleaning! The most efficient cleaning process available!

Our VIBRATION assist consists of 2 Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator - BBS-190 operating at 10000 VPM, at 7 CFM, with 250 lbs of force. 70 dB.

We handle the following filters:


  • Engine Control Systems Purifilter Plus DPF
  • ​Donaldson DPF
  • Hug DPF
  • Huss DPF
  • Johnson Matthey DPF
  • Extengine ADEC DPF
  • ​Catalytic Exhaust Products DPF


Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

On-site, mobile DPF cleaning is for multiple units and includes Stage One Cleaning (high-pressure air and vacuum) and Stage 3 Cleaning (vibration). The DPF Shop Blaster Vans are equipped with a 40 CFM compressor, on-board generator and our exclusive hands-on vibrating DPF Cleaning System. This exclusive cleaning system allows our highly-trained technicians to give special attention to your DPFs heavily soiled areas, for a truly clean filter, guaranteed!   

Stage Two cleaning is done using heat at one of our two Southern California locations. The filter is placed in a special chamber where it is baked to manufacturer's specifications. Our high-temperature baking chamber will hold up to 8 filters at one time.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Cleaning DPFs and other similar filters in an uncontrolled environment is extremely dangerous to one’s health. Simply removing the filter and blowing it in your shop will not properly clean it and could cause major equipment failures. The waste is extremely hazardous and should be treated as such.

The DPF Shop uses a 100 PSI air pistol and 420 CFM of vacuum along with our exclusive vibration system to ensure the cleanest filter. Every filter is weighed upon receipt and completion. Flow is checked with magnehelic gauge before and after cleaning service. Filters must be cleaned before we can check for existing cracks and/or damage. A cleaning charge will be assessed for cracked filters.

  • Caterpillar DPF
  • Cummins DPF
  • Detroit DPF
  • International DPF
  • Paccar DPF
  • Cleaire DPF
  • DCL International DPF
  • Dinex DPF

3 Stage DPF Cleaning

We service all passive and active regenerative DPFs and all OEM-equipped, on-road, off-road and stationary DECS (Diesel Emission Control Strategies). We provide pickup and delivery, and in most cases a 24-hour turnaround. Service is provided by appointment or on a regularly-scheduled maintenance program that fits your needs.

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